Who AGEA is

AGEA is an independent, autonomous and not for profit association of Australian grain export organisations.  AGEA represents its members to facilitate an efficient and effective export industry; and support Australian grains and oilseeds in domestic and export markets.

AGEA was formed in 1980, by a group of private grain exporters to promote open and contestable markets in order to deliver maximum benefit to the grains industry, and the community as a whole.

Members are active in grain accumulation, storage, handling, and processing, as well as risk management and hedging strategies involving commodity futures, foreign currency and counterparty risk. The nature of their business results in contractual negotiation at the highest level, with both government, and private clients, in Australia, and international markets.

AGEA member companies also have substantial investments in non-grain sectors of the rural economy, such as meat processing and intensive livestock production, oilseed crushing, fertilizer distribution, ocean freight ownership and bulk and container shipping.


(ABN: 80 080 034 135)
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