Is Laminate Flooring The Right Choice For Your Home?

Do you want hardwood floors but can’t afford them? Do you like the look of tile but the price is absolutely out of your budget? Need a quick fix before your out of town company arrives for the Holidays? Have you checked out laminate flooring?

So what is it about laminate flooring? Laminate floorings are not real hardwood floors or real tile floors, but they are incredibly resistant to a multitude of possible damages. At first glance, they look like real hardwoods or tile floors. They are impact resistant, won’t fade in the sunlight and are stain resistant. They are also easy to install and very easy to clean.

Laminate flooring is perfect for an active family home. Most laminate floors can be used anywhere in the home such as hallways, family rooms, bathrooms, kitchens even in the mudroom, basement or any other possible wet area you may have. You will want to check to make sure wet areas are warranted.

Laminate flooring typically comes in three different types.

1. The installer has to apply special glue manually to the tongue and grooves of each plank as they used to do with floating floor installations; however, this is not very popular anymore.

2.Glueless floating laminate flooring which requires no glue. You or the installer click or snap the floor planks together. These tend to be the most popular.

3. Factory-pre-glued laminate flooring is where the glue is applied at the factory. You or your installer simply has to moisten the plank and insert it into the adjacent plank.
Trims and moldings are available to match your newly redone laminate flooring. The moldings are typically laminated over a fiber core, thus, matching your new laminate flooring.

The moldings can also be made from real wood to color coordinate with your new laminate flooring.

If you are in search of a new floor, laminate flooring is an excellent choice for you because they are durable, resistant, affordable, easy to install and easy to clean.

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