Tips For Connecting Electricity When Moving

It is no fun moving into a new home and spending days together without an electrical connection. That is why one of the first things to take care of before you move is to connect electricity at your new home. While the process of organizing your electricity connection seems simple, not knowing what to consider can make it difficult and time-consuming.

To begin with, the time you would need to get an electricity connection is the first thing to consider. In case you are moving into a newly built home, it would take at least 20 days for your electricity provider to get it connected. Otherwise, it might take a week or less. In any case, check with the provider and make sure that you give them ample time to connect electricity at the new home. Also, allocate the time considering only weekdays, as most electrician gold coast service providers don’t work on weekends.

The next thing to consider is the cost of getting a new electricity connection. This would depend on when you place a request and how soon you want the electricity connection. If you give the service provider enough time to connect electricity, you may have to pay the minimum charges for a new connection. However, in case of last minute requests, when you’d need the connection urgently, you may have to bear additional charges.

The last, but most important, thing to remember is to disconnect your existing electricity connection. If your existing electricity provider also offers services in the new location, they can take care of have the connection transferred, connection and disconnection. Otherwise, you will have to pay up your dues and tell your present electricity provider the date when the connection has to be terminated. Otherwise, you may end up paying for it, even after you have moved out.

An easy way to connect electricity at your new home is to hire a moving service, which takes care of everything for a reasonable fee.